SmartVol is a new digital platform

connecting volunteers with non-profits

based on skills, availability and location.

Connecting Volunteers with Non-profits

Your place in the sunin a beautiful location

With SmartVol,
volunteers find flexible on-the-go missions anywhere

Enjoy freedomKeep all options open

With SmartVol,
non-profits get connected to a large pool of volunteers

Stay engage and active
AI Matching

AI matching tools assist volunteers claim missions based on their location, preferences, skills and availability

Volunteer engage in a fun and active lifestyle

Embrace wellbeingFeel safe
Embrace wellbeing
Feel safe

Ideal place for body & mind, wellbeing & longevity
On-site nursing, access to pre-approved GP’s, specialists and hospitals

Make yourself at home
Keep things

Use our concierge, catering, cleaning, transportation and wide range of advisory and assistance services

Keep things simple
Make yourself
at home

We can store and dispatch personal belongings, clothes, decorations to make you feel at home wherever you stay

Together we create a meaningful journey

Make new friends
new friends

We make it easy to volunteer on the go, allowing you to meet with other like-minded members on-the-go

Learndevelop & grow
develop & grow

Because you can try easily different type of volunteering missions, you keep learning new skills

Create social impact
social impact

A core value of SmarlVol is to help you engage in local charities, teach at school or lecture at universities

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