“Happiness is the highest form of health”

Dalai Lama

The Secret Sauce

We offer an unparalleled range of tailor-made activities answering the needs and aspirations of our members’ age group

Physically Engaged

Your place in the sunin a beautiful location
Fitness & Sports

Pool activities, gym, pilates, golf, tennis, volleyball, personal trainer

Enjoy freedomKeep all options open
Body & Mind

Yoga, mindfulness,
spa, massage, nutrition classes

Stay engage and active
Trekking & Cycling

Discover the countryside, long walks, cycling, visit archeological sites

Mentally Engaged

Embrace wellbeingFeel safe
Social Clubs

Books, movies, dance,
wine tasting, happy hours,
cook & share with friends

Make yourself at home
Art & Craft

Learn painting, drawing, writing, photography, music, knitting, make from jewellery to drones

Keep things simple

Chess, bridge, backgammon, poker, board games

Socially Engaged

Make new friends
Lectures & Classes

Lean new skills, perfect yours, from coding to philosophy
Share the skills you master

Learndevelop & grow

Still working part-time? Use our co-working space & interact with other members and the local business community

Create social impact
Making Social Impact

Volunteer in local charities, community centres, schools, universities

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