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Mattering: The Growing Volunteer Motivator

The sticky note on the side of my desk reads, “Making a difference is a way to know you matter.”At some point every day, I catch sight of this little green square of paper that shares such a profound message. Leaders of volunteer often understand that volunteers “want to make a difference,” but rarely do…

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Citizen science volunteers are almost entirely white

Every day, volunteers around the world contribute to scientific studies through “citizen science.” Citizen science can be anything from counting migrating birds to measuring precipitation or even tracking outbreaks of COVID-19. Citizen science helps researchers collect more data than they could working on their own. The people who participate in these projects also benefit by…

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How migrant volunteering has benefits for everyone

Migration and integration has received much attention in policy and academic circles during the last two decades, particularly following the European refugee crisis from 2015/6 onwards. Some researchers have argued that there needs to be a change in perspective. Instead of viewing migrants primarily as people in need of communities’ resources, migrants can and do…

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CanadaHelps now accepts donations in Cryptocurrency

CanadaHelps is now accepting donations in Cryptocurrency. CanadaHelps is the country’s largest platform for donating and fundraising online and supports Canada’s 86,000 registered charities. Since its inception, Canadians have donated over $2 billion to Canadian charities using CanadaHelps.  This new crypto payment initiative was launched to encourage donations from the younger donors, the primary holders and…

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